Who is the contact for Phase 1 of Baxter Meadows?

Urban Nook. Phone: (406)-595-8531

Who provides broadband service?

Each homeowner in Baxter Meadows is obliged to purchase Internet service through Montana Opticom.  See the 2005 contract here and the December 2017 Service Agreement here. The Montana Opticom website is here.

Is there any limit to the number of pets each household is authorized in Baxter Meadows?

Yes, no more than two pets may be maintained on any lot.

What can I do if my neighbor's dogs bark all of the time, especially at night?

Our first suggestion is for you to call your neighbor and ask that they control their dog's barking, especially at night. If the problem continues, you should contact Gallatin County Animal Control at 582-2116, report the dog's barking as a nuisance, and they will come out and speak to the homeowners. If the problem continues, the homeowner will be cited by Animal Control, and fined. Please do not ask either board members or Luna Property Management to call Animal Control. Animal Control requests that the homeowner who is disturbed by the dogs call them, so they have the report first hand. They do not reveal a caller's name to the homeowner of the nuisance dog.

Who should I call if I see a dog running loose?

Call Gallatin County Animal Control. Their number is: 582-2116

Should I call Infinite, our property management company, if a sprinkler is leaking?

Yes. Their office phone number is 406-518-1146

Who do I speak to about making sure my builders are adhering to the design guidelines of the community?

Penny Murray (406) 581-1382 has been appointed to provide all review and oversight of the Building Design Regulations and Guidelines for the Homeowners Association.

What are the design review fees?

For new construction the fee is $550 with a $1000 performance deposit.  $250 for a fence design review unless it is built at the time of home construction.  There is no performance deposit required to install landscaping.